The Fastest STAR Smog Check Station in Pacific Beach

 STAR Smog test station.

When applying to get your car registered in California, the last thing anyone wants to see is that their car requires a smog check, let along a smog check from a STAR approved station. Who has time in the day to find a STAR approved station and go through the long and arduous process of smog check? While it is absolutely imperative to make sure cars are not at excessively high emissions level to protect our planet, it is nevertheless a hassle. Chris’s Auto Smog and Repair Center in Pacific Beach completely understands, and that is why we offer the fastest STAR Smog Check Station in Pacific Beach.

What is a STAR Smog Check Station?

STAR is a license given to smog check stations that meet certain performance standards, as specified by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. Some STAR smog check stations, called a STAR Test Only Center, are only authorized to administer smog tests. Other smog check stations, such as Chris’s Auto Smog and Repair Center, are authorized to perform STAR smog inspections and repair any and all issues. These are called STAR Test and Repair Stations.

Why Was My Car Selected for a STAR Smog Check?

The state of California chooses which vehicles are selected for a STAR smog check based primarily on these three determining factors.

A Car That is a Gross Polluter

A vehicle is deemed a “gross polluter” if it has failed a smog test in the past. Since it has registered high smog emission readings in the past, the state of California has deemed the car a risk to fail a smog test in the future. That is why the car now requires a STAR smog check.

A Vehicle That Has a High Emitter Profile

Certain vehicles have been designated as High Emitter Profile vehicles by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. These vehicles have been deemed as high risks to fail a smog inspection.

A Random Sample of California Cars

Along with cars that are a risk for high smog emissions, California also randomly selects a small percentage of cars for STAR testing.

What are the California Smog Check Rules and Laws?

California requires that drivers bring their cars in for a smog check every two years. Without a biennial smog check, the driver will not be issued registration for their vehicle.  New residents who have recently moved to California must have an initial smog inspection in order to register their vehicle, even if they are certified in their previous state.

Chris’s Auto Smog & Repair Center is a STAR Certified Smog Check Station

If your car is in need of a STAR certified smog test, Chris’s Auto Smog and Repair Center is your choice. We perform quick, easy and efficient STAR certified smog tests at our Pacific Beach location. We can treat any and all car types and models, including both foreign and domestic vehicles. If you are interested in scheduling a STAR certified smog test for your vehicle or learning more about Chris’s Auto Smog and Repair Center, contact us today. Give us a call at (858) 270-1888.