Get your Car Diagnostic Test
in Pacific Beach, San Diego

Check Engine light and Smog Failure Diagnostics $65

Free if repairs are performed on site.

We have all been there before. You are driving happily down the freeway in San Diego without a care in the world when suddenly the "check engine" light turns on. The first thought is immediately panic, with the fear of your car's impending doom in the forefront of your mind. However, once the panic subsides, what is the next step? Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center can help, as we run car diagnostic tests to figure out what is wrong with your engine and car.

Check engine light diagnostic services

Car Diagnostic Test
in San Diego

If you see that check engine light, don't panic. Instead, steer your car to Pacific Beach and pull in to Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center. We offer quick and efficient service on your vehicle, running top of the line car diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is wrong with your engine and car. If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, contact us today. Give us a call at (858) 270-1888.

Engine Diagnostic Services

No matter the issue with your engine, bring it into our Pacific Beach location in San Diego so our expert mechanics can figure out what is plaguing your vehicle. Regardless if it is the check engine light, your vehicle running poorly, or your car stalling, we can get under the hood of your car and figure out what the is causing the problem. Engines are complex mechanisms, and without an expert to help diagnose the issue you could end up just making matters worse!

How Does a Car Diagnostic Test Work?

When you bring your car to our car repair shop, we will hook up the vehicle's computer processor, sensors, and microchips up to a computer system. This computer system can create a log of any identifiable issues or problems that are present, revealing existing flaws with the transmission, exhaust, oil tank and other systems.

Engine and Car Repair

Once our team has figured out what is wrong with your vehicle, we can give you a quick estimate for repair. Our team is not only experts in diagnosing problems, but also quickly and efficiently resolving them. Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center is your one stop shop for any and all services and repairs your car needs.