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Smog Check Station in Pacific Beach

San Diego STAR Smog Test Station

If you are in need of a STAR smog check station, stop by Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center in San Diego. Our team of specialists will take great care of you, providing high-quality work and amazing customer support. To learn more, give us a call at (858) 270-1888.

Getting your vehicle registered at the California DMV is a yearly ritual. However, unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving, or other more festive yearly occasions, a vehicle registration renewal notice is no cause for celebration. Even worse than a standard renewal notice is when you find out that in order to renew your registration, your car requires smog certification at a STAR station. Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center in San Diego is a STAR Certified Smog check station located in Pacific Beach.

What is a STAR Smog Check Station?

A STAR smog check station is required to meet higher performance standards than a standard smog check station. The Bureau of Automotive Repair will give a smog check station a STAR certification if they meet the prerequisite guidelines. Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center is certified as a STAR smog test center and STAR repair center, making it the one stop shop for all of your STAR certification needs.

What Cars Need a STAR Smog Check in California?

In California, there are three strategies that are primarily used to determine whether a car needs to be taken to a STAR certified smog check station. Here are the three types of cars that need a STAR designated station:

  • Cars that have failed a smog inspection in the past with very high emission levels. These are labeled "gross polluters"
  • Vehicles that the Bureau of Automotive Repair deems as having a higher chance of failing a smog inspection than a standard car. These are called "High Emitter Profile" vehicles.
  • The final group is a random sample of cars registered in California

How Long Does a STAR Smog Check Take?

Chris's Auto Smog and Repair Center wants to get you in and out of our car repair shop as quickly as possible. When you come in for a STAR smog check, you can expect it to only take 20 to 30 minutes of your time. Bring your car in, grab a cup of coffee, and then you have the whole day to hit the beach!

How Much is a Smog Check?

In California, a STAR emissions and smog test is usually somewhere between $29.95 and 69.95 (plus $8.25 Certificate), depending on the type of vehicle you own. If you are interested in an exact quote on how much a smog test will be for your vehicle, give us a call at (858) 270-1888.

What if My Car Fails the Emissions and Smog Test?

If you do not pass the STAR smog test, luckily you came to the right place because we can repair the issue and retest your car all at our Pacific Beach location. We want to make your smog test as hassle-free as possible, and that is why we are both a smog testing center and repair center.